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  • Vanilla Mylk

    Healthy Heart! Vegan milky drink from sprouted (activated) raw almonds, naturally sweetened with a hint of pure vanilla for a mellow flavour. Rich in magnesium and vitamin E and balanced in electrolytes, this healthy alternative to dairy promotes e healthy heart, helps lower cholesterol and lower blood pressure.
  • Matcha Mylk

    Matcha powder is an ultra detoxifying Japanese green tea. Mixed with our homemade almond milk ( in which we add a date, sea salt and vanilla, because we’re so gourmand).
  • La vie en Rose

    Skin Blossom! Comforting homemade almond nutmylk laced with a coco texture that soothes your skin thanks to the powerful skin-enhancing benefits of rose water, with a drop of beetroot to top it all off. The chia seeds make sure you get your key dose of plant protein.
  • Golden Mylk

    Anti-inflammatory Inspired by traditional Ayurvedic medicine, our golden milk combines turmeric -a potent anti-inflammatory- with black pepper to increase its bio-availability in a smooth gold rejuvenating elixir.
  • Black Gold

    Our delicious Vanilla Mylk with the benefits of activated charcoal. A powerful detoxifier, activated charcoal pulls out toxins and pollutants from the digestive track for a healthier body. Helps with digestion.